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DownsEd Individual consultancy and assessments

Consultations can be arranged and tailored to meet an individual child’s needs. They may relate to particular concerns about the child’s health, speech and language development, education, literacy, numeracy, social skills, behaviour or any issue affecting the child and family. Extended consultations (3-4 hours) can provide an opportunity for comprehensive assessments of a child’s development, health and educational progress, speech and language skills, cognitive abilities, and behaviour. Children’s progress is examined using a variety of assessment techniques including standardised tests if appropriate. As well as the consultation session, families receive recommendations, guidance and activities to help their child.

Consultations are independent and confidential. Information will be provided for parents, although liaison with other services and advocacy can be undertaken at parents’ request. There is no age limit for this service and families expecting a baby with Down syndrome and families with young babies are very welcome.

An evaluation or your child’s progress, advice on education and therapy needs and recommendations for activities to promote development will be given on the day of your visit and can be included in a written report if requested. Full assessment reports, with detailed recommendations for meeting the child’s educational needs, can be helpful when seeking a mainstream school placement. The report will contain advice for the education authority on the type of placement and level of additional support required. Reports can also be helpful if you are facing an Appeal or Tribunal.

A family may wish to visit just once, on a regular basis, or occasionally, depending on their needs. Regular visits can be arranged to provide an individual structured intervention service for babies and pre-school children, or a continuous teaching and development programme for children of school age. To discuss your particular needs and the type of consultation that would best meet them, please contact us to arrange a preliminary discussion with a member of our professional team.

Families, groups or statutory services may request an assessment for a child. If you would like an assessment, please contact us to discuss your precise requirements with one of our professional staff.

To cover the costs of providing these individual services, a standard hourly rate is payable. Where consultations are followed up with reports and/or advocacy, the hourly rate is payable for all work undertaken. Where detailed reports and/or advocacy are necessary, it is advisable to seek legal funding aid and/or statutory funding as appropriate.

The Down Syndrome Educational Trust is unfortunately unable to subsidise consultancy and advocacy services for individual families. However, we will normally fund 90% of the charges for consultation services for families receiving income support (subject to financial circumstances and other funding priorities) where other sources of funding are unavailable (please see our Pricing Policy for further information).

Ref Description Ex.VAT Incl.VAT
CONSULT Individual consultancy (per hour) 50.98 59.90




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